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Holly Holm made $2.2 millionfor losing to Miesha Tatein UFC 196 on 3/5/2016. Holm earned $500,000 to show. She also receivedan estimated $200,000 in endorsem*nt money. Miesha Tate earned only $92,000.

Apart from prize money, Holm also took in an estimated $1.5 million in Pay-Per-View earnings for the night. For her loss to ValentinaShevchenko in UFC on Fox 20 on 7/23/16, the prize money hasn’t yet been announced. We estimate that even though she lost, Holm still made $500,000 in prize money, bonuses and sponsor dollars for the night.

Holly Holm Prize Money and Earnings

Since she entered the world of Mixed Martial Arts in 2011, Holly Holm has fought in 11nationally televised events. The undefeated fighter began with a win against Christina Domke on March 4th of 2011. Holm won thatfight in 3:58 and earned an estimated $20,000 in prize money plus $35,000 in Pay Per View dollars. Since then, Holm’s earnings have climbed.






Prizes and Bonuses

PPV Money

Endorsem*nt Earnings (Estimated)

7/23/2016Holly Holm vs Valentina ShevchenkoUFC on FoxLoss5:00TBAN/ATBA
3/5/2016Holly Holm vs Meisha TateUFC 196Loss3:30$500,000$1,500,000$200,000
11/14/2015Holly Holm vs Ronda RouseyUFC 193Win8:24$200,000$1,500,000$100,000
7/15/2015Holly Holm vs Marion ReneauUFC Fight Night 71Win5:00$50,000$1,200,000$30,000
2/28/2015Holly Holm vs Raquel PenningtonUFC 184Win5:00$50,000$900,000$20,000
4/4/2014Holly Holm vs Juliana WernerLFC 30Win1:50$20,000$35,000$10,000
12/6/2013Holly Holm vs Angela HayesFresquez Productions - HavocWin5:00$20,000$35,000$10,000
10/11/2013Holly Holm vs Nikki KnudsenLFC 24Win1:18$20,000$35,000$10,000
7/19/2013Holly Holm vs Allanna JonesLFC 21Win2:22$20,000$35,000$10,000
2/28/2013Holly Holm vs Katie MerrilBellator 91Win3:02$20,000$35,000$10,000
9/9/2011Holly Holm vs Jan FinneyFresquez Productions - Clash in the CageWin2:49$20,000$35,000$10,000
3/4/2011Holly Holm vs Christina DomkeFresquez Productions - Double ThreatWin3:58$20,000$35,000$10,000
Total Holly Holm Fight Money$6,705,000

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For a rematch with Ronda RouseyHolly Holm told Fox Sports she is “ready to fight tomorrow.” UFC President Dana White has announced a Holm/Rouseyrematch on July 9, 2016. Oddsmakers still favor Ronda Rousey for the fight, giving Holm’s UFC 193 victory something of aRockyII “The kid got lucky” vibe. Odds site puts the smart money against Holm as a +250 underdog for any future Rousey/Holm match. The rematchwill certainly boost both Ronda Rousey’s and Holly Holm’s earnings. Estimates place both Rousey and Holm’s money for a rematch at upwards of $2 million each.

Holly Holm UFC 193 Prize Money

Holm earned a total of $200,000 in UFC prize money for UFC 193. That’s $40,000 to show, $50,000 for the win, $70,000 for the performance of the night bonus and $40,000 in the form of a Reebok sponsorship.

UFC 193 took in an estimated 1million Pay Per View buys. With a buy costing $50 each, that’s a total take for the event of $50 million. Holm’s cut of that money is an estimated 3% or $1.5 million.

Holm’s opponent, Ronda Rousey, earned $80,000 in prizes and bonuses. That’s $40,000 to show and $40,000 in Reebok sponsorship money. Rousey also earned $1.5 million in PPV dollars.

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Holly Holm Net Worth

Holly Holm’s net worth is $3.5 million.

Since entering the MMA field in 2011, Holm has earned $940,000 in prize money and bonuses. That money is just the tip of the iceberg. Holm has also made $5.3 million in Pay Per View money (estimated) over the course of her career. Reports indicate top-level MMA fighters typically get 3% of the PPV take. Since we know exactly how many PPV buyseach UFC event received, we can estimate Holm’s earnings for each event.

Holm has also earned an estimated $420,000 in endorsem*nt deals throughout her career. The most notable is a new deal for ReadyEverySecond, a startup sportswear line with an MMA theme.

Figuring in prize money, PPV money and endorsem*nt deals gives career earnings for Holm of $6.7 million. Subtracting from her earnings is a lifetime tax bill of $3 million and expenses of $670,000 (based on cost of living, agent fees and training costs). Estimated investments chip in another $450,000 after tax to the Holly Holm net worth total. That gives a Holly Holm net worth of $3.5 million.

Holly Holm’s Manager Won Six Figureson UFC 193

Someone other than Holly Holm made big money from Holm’s big win in UFC 193. Holm’s manager Lenny Fresquez commented that the odds against Holly Holm were immense. When asked by whether Fresquez capitalized on thoseodds, he said, “Of course Idid. We made a lot of money and thank you Vegas for putting the odds up like that.” When pressed for an exact dollar figure, Fresquez said he got into the six figures. Other reports indicate that other members of Holm’s team and even Holm herself may have won big money on the event.

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About Holly Holm

Holly Holm is an 18 time world champion bantamweight fighter. Known as “the preacher’s daughter,” she retired from the MMA in 2013 after a serious elbow injury. Her net worth and earnings will likely rise sharply after her defeat of Ronda Rousey from endorsem*nts and other deals.

Holm’s manager Lenny Fresquez calls Holm “The baddest girl on the planet, and the nicest girl on the planet.” Holm is the only fighter in history, male or female, to win championships in both straight boxing and MMA.


How Much Money Does Holly Holm Make? - Money Nation (2024)


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